The recent report from the International Panel on Climate Change underlines just how grave and urgent the environmental challenges facing us are. But how should we frame such challenges in a way that helps us to find solutions — not just to climate change, but to the array of other issues, from food and forests to energy, cities, water and oceans?

Who better to ask these questions than WRI’s new president and CEO, Ani Dasgupta. In this podcast, hosted by Nicholas Walton, Ani talks about how his childhood in Delhi, India, shaped his understanding of the links between the environment, development and equity. He also explains the WRI approach to finding solutions that can make a difference to the planet and individual human lives.


Ani Dasgupta profile photo

Aniruddha Dasgupta, President & CEO, WRI

“We don’t have the option as a society to do one thing at a time. You know: ‘We will fix carbon first and then we’ll become equal, then we have prosperity and then we fix nature.’ There is no such span. The path is narrow and the path is that we have to solve these things at the same time. So we have to find solutions that are not only good for people and nature, but create jobs and also decarbonizes. This is where I think WRI needs to be.”

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