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India is quickly becoming an economic, technological and diplomatic leader. Yet this growth has come at a cost.

Rapid urbanization is placing a burden on infrastructure, energy consumption and public services. Already the fourth-largest economy, India is the world’s third-largest greenhouse gas emitter and fourth-largest electricity consumer. The economic and development decisions that the country makes over the next few decades will pose profound implications for the global environment.

WRI India—established in 2011—works with local and national governments, businesses, and civil society to address India’s development challenges. We identify solutions that are both economically and environmentally sound.

We develop blueprints for sustainable urban transport and smart city growth. We provide research and policy recommendations to expand renewable energy and access to affordable, reliable power. Our tools and guidance help businesses cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout their supply chains. Our partnerships and transparency initiatives strengthen communities’ access to information and justice. And our analyses identify strategies for India to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts.

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