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China’s size and rapid growth have made it an economic and political powerhouse. But while these advances transformed the country’s economy and lifted more than 500 million people out of poverty, they’ve come with environmental challenges.

China is a leading emitter of greenhouse gases. The country burns almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined—and has more than 350 new coal plants slated for development. Nearly 38 percent of China’s major lakes and 30 percent of its largest rivers are so polluted they’re unsafe for use.

China’s leaders recognize these problems and have made “ecological progress” a priority. WRI China—established in 2007—works with business, government and community leaders to shift the country onto a more sustainable development path.

Our research-based solutions and tools allow businesses and governments to measure, manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We identify methods to cost-effectively tackle China’s water quantity and quality concerns. We demonstrate models of environment-smart development for China’s growing cities. And we aim to advance safe, sustainable transport systems throughout the country.

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