This morning, Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu and representatives from the Chinese government, including Minister Wan Gang and Minister Zhang Guobao, signed a joint work plan to expand US-China cooperation on the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) that was established in November 2009. The World Resources Institute is a member of the CERC, focused on advanced coal and carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS).

Following is a statement by Sarah Forbes, senior associate and lead for CCS, the World Resources Institute:

“This joint work between the United States and China demonstrates the great potential for cooperation on clean energy. As the world’s largest energy consumers and producers, the United States and China recognize that advancing clean energy technology is essential to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and to enhance energy security.

“This announcement is important for two reasons: First, it identifies the members of the bilateral teams-- including leading academics, government institutions and businesses-- in each consortium that will enable greater integration. Second, the joint work plans provide a road map for moving forward with work on advanced coal technology, electric vehicles, and building efficiency.

“As the United States and China embark on a new level of clean energy cooperation, this initiative is a prime example of practical, real world engagement that will accelerate knowledge sharing and advancements in clean energy technology.”