WASHINGTON (February 24, 2017)— ExxonMobil’s new Chairman & CEO Darren Woods has put out a blog post on the company’s position on the future of energy, including references to the company’s support for a carbon tax.

Following is a statement by Sam Adams, U.S. Director, World Resources Institute:

“It’s a welcome sign that support for a carbon tax has been growing in recent weeks, including from the new CEO of ExxonMobil, who has reaffirmed the company’s stated position in favor of a revenue-neutral carbon tax. After years of opposing climate action, it’s time for ExxonMobil to fully align its considerable lobbying power, including through trade associations, to support an effective price on carbon.

“The announcement comes on the heels of a proposal from several respected Republican leaders for a carbon dividend. We are hopeful that these announcements will jumpstart a serious bipartisan conversation about how to enact a federal carbon policy that drives down emissions and benefits people.”

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