WASHINGTON (August 6, 2021)—WRI joined the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) when it launched four years ago to support bipartisan efforts to enact a significant and rising price on carbon. Founded by two former Republican secretaries of state, the CLC has organized a coalition of companies, economists and NGOs to support a carbon fee and dividend plan. 

Following is a statement from Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO, World Resources Institute. 

“WRI became a founding member of the Climate Leadership Council because we believe that putting a price on carbon is a key component of a fair, effective and economically efficient policy response to the climate crisis.  

“We welcome CLC’s separation from Exxon. 

“We urge all companies (in CLC and elsewhere) to re-examine their lobbying, political spending and participation in trade associations to ensure that their actions are fully aligned with their public statements on climate change

“We call on all companies in CLC to support a price on carbon in the forthcoming reconciliation package and any future legislation that advances carbon pricing. We recognize that reconciliation is not the preferred approach, but given the mounting urgency of the climate crisis, there is no time to waste.”