This week, Berta Cáceres was tragically murdered in her home in Honduras. Cáceres was an internationally recognized champion of the environment and indigenous people’s rights, including a winner of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize Award. Cáceres was widely recognized for her defense of indigenous peoples’ land and protector of her beloved Rio Blanco in Honduras.

Following is a statement from Carole Excell, director of The Access Initiative, at World Resources Institute:

“We wish to convey our heartfelt sadness at this senseless and tragic murder. We extend our sympathy to Ms. Cáceres’ family, friends and the entire international community. Cáceres was a determined and beloved champion of the people, who famously stated, ‘Nobody heard our voices until we set up a roadblock to defend our territory.’

“According to research from Global Witness more than 100 people were killed in Honduras between 2010 and 2014 with links to conflicts over development projects. We urge the international community to do more to protect people who stand up for the environment and land rights. This issue should be a priority for the government of Honduras and others in Latin America.”