THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS (July 14, 2023) - This week, lawmakers in the European Parliament voted in favor of the EU Nature Restoration Law, laying the foundation for discussions with EU countries to finalize the legislation. The law introduces binding targets to restore Europe’s nature and protect biodiversity, placing recovery measures on 20% of the EU’s land and sea by 2030, and aiming to restore degraded ecosystems by 2050.

Following is a statement from Stientje van Veldhoven, World Resources Institute Vice-President and Regional Director for Europe:

“The passing of the nature restoration law in the European Parliament this week is good news for the planet. This law will see to it that Europeans, their children and grandchildren will improve the health of fields, forests and lakes and rivers they call home.  

Nature provides so many services free of charge, but these are currently heavily under threat, jeopardizing biodiversity, and eventually agricultural productivity. Finding a better balance between farming and nature will help ensuring food security in Europe and will lower harmful greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. This is a law protecting our future.”