The Climate Leadership Council released a Bipartisan Climate Roadmap to inform legislation for a gradually rising carbon fee to cut U.S. carbon dioxide emissions to 50% below 2005 levels in 2035. The revenue from this fee would be returned to households across the United States, with a family of four receiving about $2,000 the first year.

Following is a statement by Andrew Steer, CEO and President of World Resources Institute, a founding member of CLC:

"It's well past time for the U.S. Congress to stop dithering on climate action and get down to business. The roadmap offers a path to meaningful emission reductions in the United States, and importantly has the support of a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to Nobel Prize winning economists, who recognize that bold climate action is critical to achieve and sustain economic prosperity in the 21st Century. A carbon fee and the revenue it creates are a win-win for America’s economy and climate. Strong climate action will create millions of clean energy jobs, give American households a much-needed boost, and position the US as a serious player on the international stage.

This roadmap provides a solid foundation for members of Congress looking to develop ambitious, bipartisan climate legislation."