JUNE 20, 2018 (WASHINGTON)—The World Resources Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Lashof will be the new director of its work focused in the United States (WRI US). Over his 30-year career, Lashof has built a strong track record of leadership on U.S. climate action, and has an in-depth understanding of climate science, economics, environmental policy and political dynamics.

“We feel extremely fortunate to have Dan join to lead our U.S. portfolio at a moment when galvanizing climate action is both extremely urgent and challenging,” said Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO, WRI. “Dan brings deep policy expertise combined with sharp political skills that can help make progress on our issues in states, cities and local communities, despite current federal headwinds.”

Lashof most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer at NextGen Policy Center and previously was the director of the Climate and Clean Air Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). In those roles, he was a key architect of policy proposals that would drive down emissions, create cleaner air, and save consumers money. Over his career, Lashof has authored numerous articles and reports, and has testified before Congress. He also served as a lead author for a Special Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and engaged in numerous international climate negotiations.

“I’m very excited to join WRI with its focus on science, data, and rigorous analysis, combined with an extensive stakeholder network and effective communications capability,” said Lashof. “With its long track record of evidence-based research and analysis, the institute is well-positioned to bring together a wide group of stakeholders in order to spur greater momentum for action at the state and local levels, as it seeks pathways to advance positive federal climate policies.”

Beyond advancing climate solutions, Lashof will work closely with WRI program directors and staff on other U.S. priorities, including advancing clean energy, expanding low-carbon electricity solutions, reducing water risk, strengthening natural infrastructure and forest management, and more.

“Dan has an extraordinary combination of a sharp mind, leadership and political savvy that will make him successful in this role. Beyond climate-specific activities, we are eager to have Dan on board to provide strategic guidance across our U.S. programs,” said Manish Bapna, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, WRI. “Dan’s insights will be extremely valuable to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable pathway in the United States.”

Lashof holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from Harvard University and doctorate from the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley.