WASHINGTON— As momentum builds for a global climate deal in Paris in just a few weeks, senior staff and experts from World Resources Institute will host a press call and in person briefing to provide insights and expectations for the conference.

The press call will take place on Wednesday, November 18, at 9:30 a.m. EST and will feature Dr. Andrew Steer, WRI’s president & CEO, Jennifer Morgan, global director of WRI’s Climate Program, and other experts.

WRI staff will discuss political dynamics, state of negotiations, and key challenges that need to be addressed. They will also identify other related potential stories, including around forests and restoration.

Read a full transcript of the November 18 press call

Introductory Remarks
[3:00] Andrew Steer, WRI
[8:30] Jennifer Morgan, WRI
[12:30] Athena Ballesteros, WRI
[16:30] Taryn Fransen, WRI
[20:30] Nancy Harris, WRI

[26:00] Most fragile points in agreement? (Q: Marlowe Hood, AFP; A: Jennifer Morgan, WRI)
[28:00] Role of finance? (Q: Lisa Friedman, ClimateWire; A: Athena Ballesteros, WRI)
[31:45] North American statement? (Q: Shawn McCarthy, Globe and Mail; A: Jennifer Morgan, WRI)
[34:15] Adaptation finance? (Q: Megan Rowling, Reuters; A: Athena Ballesteros, WRI)
[37:00] Approach to loss and damage? (Q: Karl Mathiesen, Guardian; A: Jennifer Morgan, WRI)
[39:30] Impact of Paris attacks? (Q: Daniel Marans, Huffington Post; A: Jennifer Morgan, Andrew Steer, WRI)
[42:30] India, Saudi Arabia on review process? (Q: Alister Doyle, Reuters; A: Jennifer Morgan, WRI)
[45:30] Role of African countries? (Q: Laurence Caramel, Le Monde; A: Jennifer Morgan, WRI)
[48:15] What does a weak outcome look like? (Lee Logan, Inside EPA; A: Andrew Steer, WRI)
[50:00] Role of deforestation in INDCs, at COP21? (Q: Steve Zwick, Ecosystem Marketplace; A: Nancy Harris, Taryn Fransen, WRI)

Closing remarks
[55:00] Andrew Steer, WRI


Press teleconference on the UNFCCC climate negotiations in Paris (COP21)



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

9:30 a.m. EST (Washington, D.C.)

Media: Please call-in 10 minutes prior to the start time

Note: DC-based media are welcome to join in person at WRI’s offices (10 G St. NE, 8th floor); please RSVP


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Please RSVP to Daniel Melling; dmelling@wri.org

Photo credit: Taylor Miles, Flickr