When President Obama and President Xi Jinping meet next week in Beijing, climate change and energy will be important topics of discussion. As the world’s two biggest emitters, leadership by the U.S. and China is critical as each country’s actions are closely watched by one another and the international community. In addition, interest was heightened when a senior Chinese official talked about the possibility of peak emissions in China at the UN Climate Summit last month.

Issues on the table in Beijing include the state of international climate negotiations, renewable energy, and US-China cooperation on climate and energy. What should we expect to happen at the climate conference in Lima? What are the prospects of China peaking its emissions? Can cooperation help both countries move forward?

ChinaFAQs experts will provide context and insights around these issues, and possible next steps in the negotiations.


Press briefing on President Obama's trip to China


  • Professor Valerie Karplus, Director of the Tsinghua-MIT China Energy and Climate Project (CECP) will present joint research on the prospects of peaking China’s emissions
  • Jennifer Morgan, Global Director of the Climate Program at World Resources Institute will discuss China’s role in international climate negotiations and progress toward Paris
  • Professor Joanna Lewis, Georgetown University and a leading expert on energy, environment and innovation in China will cover how the US-China relationship plays a role in policy decisions
  • Barbara Finamore, Asia Director at Natural Resources Defense Council will discuss expectations for the APEC meeting, China’s coal consumption and air pollution


Thursday, November 6 at 9:30 a.m. EST


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