The African Cities Water Adaptation Fund (ACWA Fund) uses an integrated approach to finance innovative urban water resilience solutions at scale, with the aim of leveraging at least $5 billion in funding and financing to implement strategic and innovative projects in 100 African cities by 2032.

WRI is working with partners, including the African Center for Cities, ICLEI Africa, WaterAid, Resilient Cities Network, Arup, Cap-Net UNDP along with a strong steering committee with representation from key financial institutions and private sector investors, to develop a one-stop shop for African cities, offering full project lifecycle support.

The ACWA Fund will support local leaders to utilize the latest knowledge and resources to understand climate-water risks and socioeconomic impacts; identify, prioritize and prepare projects; structure deals and connect to grants and capital; and scale delivery by standardizing project development manuals, deals and contracts.

To learn more about the ACWA Fund, please contact Smita Rawoot.

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