Tracking the impact of restoring degraded forests and landscapes from the local to the global

Launch Storymap

World Resources Institute (WRI) is pioneering new approaches to set baselines and track restoration progress at the global level, across entire landscapes and countries, within specific projects and both inside and outside the forest. We need to see where trees are growing and landscapes are under restoration, how much carbon they store and what other types of benefits (e.g., food, economic, biodiversity) they provide to people and the environment.

Tracking tree growth helps governments, companies and NGOs to understand progress on their pledges, encourages people to replicate successful projects and tweak struggling ones and inspires funders to continue investing where they can see past progress.


We are helping local leaders build a solid understanding of the baseline state of their landscapes and a clear, collaborative vision for the future. WRI is also training government officials and the managers of tree-growing projects to co-create and run their own monitoring systems, marrying the latest geospatial data advances and artificial intelligence (AI) with collaboratively produced biophysical and socio-economic data.

We invite you to explore our regularly updated interactive guide, which showcases our latest advances. You will find examples of our work on individual tree-growing projects, across landscapes and countries, and globally.


For a walkthrough of the latest advances, watch this overview:


Want to go more in depth? You can check out our monitoring methods here:

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