The UN COP27 climate summit this November is taking place against a backdrop of global crises. People all around the world, and especially in vulnerable developing countries, are facing a set of unprecedented challenges from crushing climate impacts to soaring energy and food prices. COP27 is a critical opportunity for countries, cities and businesses to stand firm with people in vulnerable nations that are bearing the brunt of these challenges.

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In this Alliance Statement, ACT2025 sets out a detailed plan to help decision makers at COP27 address the needs of developing countries. It identities five critical areas of action and offers deep insights into how these can be achieved:

  1. Bridge the mitigation gap to help limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C
  2. Deliver high quality and scaled up finance flows, especially to the most vulnerable
  3. Enhance efforts to implement adaptation measures
  4. Secure finance for loss and damage
  5. Implement the Paris Rulebook to hold countries and non-state actors accountable

Dive into the full Alliance Statement or download the “Call for Enhanced Implementation” summary.

Download the Alliance Statement

Download the Summary

ACT2025 5 Pillars for Success at COP27 graphic


Image credit: Raphael Pouget / Climate Visuals Countdown


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