The ACT2025 Alliance Statement was released in September 2021 to coincide with the 76th UN General Assembly. This collective “Call for Action” lays out five areas where progress is essential to reach an ambitious and just outcome at the COP26 climate summit this November:

  1. Greater ambition.
  2. Scaled up climate finance.
  3. Enhanced tracking and support for adaptation.
  4. Support for loss and damage.
  5. Finalized rules and architecture.

Through extensive consultations with strategic partners and key stakeholders, the statement offers clarity on how to achieve these ambitious outcomes. The statement aims to elevate and amplify the needs and priorities of developing countries, charting a path toward greater global solidarity.

Dive into the full Alliance Statement or download the “Call to Action” summary.

Download Alliance Statement Download Call to Action

What Climate vulnerable countries need for a ambitious and just outcome at COP26 infographic


Cover image by: Yuichi Ishida/UNDP Timor-Leste


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