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Cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America Create Safer, More Sustainable Streets

With WRI Brasil help, city officials and civic groups in Fortaleza, Brazil, turned a parking and traffic lanes into a pedestrian plaza. Strongly positive public feedback has led to similar projects in other areas. Photo by Rodrigo Capote/WRI Brasil

Forest Watcher Mobile App and Alerts Help Curb Illegal Deforestation

Members of a community group in Riau, Indonesia, traveling by boat use WRI’s Forest Watcher app to monitor deforestation. Photo by Jikalihari/WRI

Indonesia and Democratic Republic of the Congo Accelerate Social and Community Forest Management

A man in Ilanga Village, DRC, holds a map showing commercial concessions on community lands. The community hopes that official recognition of the community’s traditional rights will help prevent outsiders from exploiting their forests. Photo by Molly Bergen/WCS, WWF, WRI


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