Provides an overview of logging activities within Gabon's forests and summarizes Gabon's forestry law and tax system.

Key Findings

  • Gabon's forests are rapidly being developed by the logging industry.
  • Gabon's forest industry may be vulnerable to market swings because of a lack of diversification.
  • Current laws designed to manage and protect forests in Gabon have been poorly applied and enforced.
  • The proposed reform of Gabon's forestry policy provides an opportunity to help rectify these problems by setting new standards for better natural resources management.

Executive Summary

Central Africa's forests have a long history of human use. Large-scale commercial logging, however, is a recent phenomenon.

This report addresses the following questions:

  • How much forest has been logged and at what rate?
  • What are the economic benefits of this activity and who are the beneficiaries?
  • Is the market sufficiently diverse to weather fluctuations?
  • What are the forest regulations and laws, and is the Gabonese government able to enforce them?
  • What efforts are underway to promote longer term management of natural resources?