As cities in Latin American continue to evolve and expand, integrated and sustainable approaches to development are more crucial than ever—as are innovative strategies to finance such projects. 

From April 16-19, 2024, UrbanShift will host a groundbreaking regional conference dedicated to exploring the pivotal role of cities in the effort to transition to an equitable, sustainable, and livable future for all. The UrbanShift Latin America Forum will focus on understanding, engaging with, and contributing to the financing of transformative initiatives shaping the cities of tomorrow. 

During the Forum, participants will have the chance to: 

  • Exchange Knowledge: Gain insights from sector leaders, experts, and visionaries on navigating the complexities of financing and designing sustainable urban projects. 
  • Network: Connect with a diverse community of professionals, including investors, government officials, urban planners, and sustainability experts. Build relationships that can fuel projects and drive real change. 
  • Build Capacity: Acquire actionable tools and strategies to implement sustainable financing practices in your urban development projects. Learn from real-world case studies and apply these insights to your local context. 
  • Advocate: Gain a broader understanding of sustainable urban development by exploring global perspectives. Learn from successful projects in the region and be part of discussions shaping future policies. 

Follow this space as more resources and information related to the UrbanShift Latin America Forum are added. 


Cover image by Moacir Rocha/Unsplash