To achieve a cost-effective and reliable clean power system, experts have predicted that the U.S. grid needs to more than double the electricity carrying capacity it has today. However, new transmission lines are expensive, take a long time to build, and, if not planned and sited properly, can be disruptive to local communities. Proven advanced technologies can alleviate some of these issues by improving the efficiency, use, and capacity of existing (as well as new) transmission infrastructure. But what are these technologies and how are they being implemented? And how can policymakers, regulators, and local communities understand and incentivize their use?

In this webinar, local governments and other stakeholders will learn about advanced transmission solutions, including grid-enhancing technologies (GETs) and high-performance conductors. The webinar will cover the mechanics and purpose of these technologies and feature expertise from regulators and subject matter experts. We will also discuss transmission capacity expansion needs, incentives, and how local governments can become involved in transmission-related conversations.


  • Allison Clements, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Marissa Gillett, Chairman, Public Utility Regulatory Authority of Connecticut
  • Gilbert Bindewald III, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Electricity, Department of Energy
  • Ian Goldsmith, Research Analyst, U.S. Energy Team, World Resources Institute
  • Jennie Chen, Senior Manager, Clean Energy, World Resources Institute (Moderator)