Maps and data can take reporting to the next level and bring stories to life.

Are you new to environmental journalism and looking to expand your data toolbox? Want to learn more ways to incorporate Global Forest Watch into your current reporting work? Looking for inspiration to kickstart your next story?

Global Forest Watch visualizes forest data and equips journalists with evidence and tools to research and communicate the state of deforestation around the world. Whether you’re reporting on forest trends and commitments, completing a deforestation investigation, or searching for story ideas, Global Forest Watch can help.

Join us to learn the different ways Global Forest Watch can inspire and strengthen your reporting and how you can work directly with our team. Journalists at Mongabay and the Pulitzer Center will share how they use data on Global Forest Watch and other geospatial monitoring tools in their reporting, before a discussion with the GFW team, with input from attendees, on data journalism experiences, lessons and reflections.

Cover image by HAkA