The plan to end deforestation and advance restoration is built on data and yet, no one can agree on what is the ‘right’ data to use. As the landscape of forest monitoring data becomes more fragmented and complex, is it possible to equitably build a single picture of the world’s forests and land use?

Leveraging different data sources can help us bridge gaps in our knowledge and produce fresh insights, but what are the roles of commercial/proprietary data vs. public data? Join the Forest Data Partnership for a discussion on the differences, benefits, limitations and trade-offs in using both types of data to address key challenges, while exploring how to reconcile the two in order to create greater transparency and trust.



  • Crystal Davis, Global Director, Food, Land & Water Program, WRI (Moderator)

  • Andrew Wilcox, Senior Manager, Sustainable Sourcing & Digital Programs, Unilever

  • Leo Bottrill, Founder and CEO, MapHubs

  • Rob McWilliam, Director of Technical Serivces, Earthworm Foundation

  • Jackson Harris, Senior Geospatial Analyst, Mighty Earth

  • Tara O’Shea, Senior Director, Forests & Land Use, Planet

  • Fred Stolle, Deputy Director, Forests, WRI