As local governments advance their solar goals, it is critical that they are aware of how the electricity grid and related regulatory authorities and markets affect the cost and speed of solar adoption. For many local governments, engaging in stakeholder processes within wholesale markets and/or regulatory proceedings may be necessary to achieve their solar-related priorities.

Hosted by WRI, this SolSmart webinar will provide an introduction to how the electricity grid functions and the key stakeholders who oversee it. Presenters will describe how wholesale electricity markets function and highlight the rules and processes that could affect the achievement of local governments’ solar energy goals. It will also include presentations on potential engagement opportunities and related support that local governments can consider if they want to participate in stakeholder processes. Local governments will hear from peers who have already taken steps to engage in these processes through the PJM Cities and Communities Coalition (PJMCCC) and the MISO Cities and Communities Coalition.

Speakers include:

  • Amanda Bradshaw, Energy Markets Advisor, Office of Public Participation, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • Stacy Miller, Sustainability Program Coordinator, Energy and Climate Regulatory Policy, Health Department, City of Minneapolis

  • Jared Policicchio, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Climate and Environmental Equity, City of Chicago

  • Zach Greene, Clean Energy Manager, World Resources Institute (moderator)