Recognising the huge potential of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in climate change adaptation, as well mitigation through carbon sequestration, this event will better inform NbS implementors and developers looking for private finance by covering which NbS can help tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, while supporting human wellbeing and a just transition. Panelists will also discuss why increasing private finance flows to NbS is essential to reach full potential. For example, accelerators and funds exist but it can be hard to see how they relate and what they have learned.

This session shares the learning from three different accelerators, reflecting on their experience of the barriers, solutions and opportunities to scaling NbS through private investment.


A panel discussion with representatives of accelerators focused on Nature-based Solutions and chaired by Professor Nathalie Seddon, Director of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at Oxford University.

Nature-based Solutions Accelerator

  • Craig Hanson, Managing Director for Programs, World Resources Institute

  • Will Baldwin Cantello, Director of Nature-based Solutions, WWF-UK

Terra Carta Accelerator

  • Diana Callebaut, Chief Investment Officer, Pollination

The Forest Impact Accelerator

  • Lucia Rodriguez Valverde, Climate and Civil Society Support Specialist, BirdLife International

  • Video message from Fabiana Benítez, Project Coordinator, Guyra Paraguay

A live stream will also be available for those not attending in person.