The Global Stocktake at COP28 will evaluate how much progress has been made in the fight against the climate crisis and what more is needed to accelerate climate action forward. But global climate efforts are currently way off track, and no one is at more risk than the vulnerable communities in the Global South who are facing a mounting debt crisis and have few resources to respond to escalating climate impacts. Without immediate leadership to drive deep emissions cuts and scale-up finance to respond to these impacts, more people will be pushed into extreme inequality and poverty.

What climate-vulnerable countries need at the COP28 climate summit in the UAE is a major course correction driven by a political response that will that rapidly decarbonize all sectors, promote adaptation, scale up climate finance and increase resources to address loss and damage.

Join the Allied for Climate Transformation by 2025 (ACT2025) consortium for a high-level webinar, where policymakers and advocates will set clear expectations for a positive outcome at COP28 that meets the needs of climate-vulnerable countries. During the event speakers representing voices and expertise from all over the world will show where action is possible and underscore why a renewed sense of commitment to the Paris Agreement is needed to drive breakthrough solutions across the $100 billion finance commitment, the global goal on adaptation, loss and damage funding arrangements, the new global goal on finance, equitably phasing out fossil fuels and more.


  • Ana Toni, National Secretary for Climate Change at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Brazil

  • Tina Stege, Climate Envoy for the Marshall Islands

  • Carlos Lopes, Professor, Nelson Mandela School, University of Cape Town; Chair of the African Climate Foundation Board; Former Executive Secretary, Economic Commission for Africa

  • Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, Climate Envoy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

  • Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO, World Resources Institute (introductory remarks)

  • Moderator: Sharanjit Leyl, International broadcaster


Cover image by UNclimatechange/Flickr