To support ongoing conversations around food systems and COP28, this session will bring together faith actors, governments, businesses, and other stakeholders to explore the worldviews and values that currently inform our food systems, and how they need to shift on the supply side and consumer side in order to meet the goals of Zero Hunger and One Health. The involvement of faith actors in these conversations is not only justified but essential. Their land holdings, influence in local communities, cultural significance, and moral authority position them as catalysts for sustainable change. Perhaps most importantly, their focus on values and culture brings a much-needed perspective to the food systems debate and brings us closer to the spiritual and societal transformations needed to protect people, planet, and nature. Active engagement with faith actors can help catalyze positive transformation in the global food system, one that aligns with the goals of environmental stewardship, social justice, and ethical responsibility.


  • Steve Chiu, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

  • Dr Lucy Wallace, EIT Food

  • Bibi la Luz Gonzalez, Eat Better Wa’ik

  • Marta Guglielmetti, NOW Partners

  • Dr. Susan Chomba, World Resources Institute