The DigitalTransport4Africa (DT4A) Webinar Series is a monthly webinar organized by WRI Africa and Global with DT4A consortium partners. The goal of the series is to facilitate knowledge exchange around public transport and data initiatives taking place in African cities and beyond, especially those undertaken by the consortium partners.

The lack of transport data for the diverse modes in African cities often results in decisions being taken without consideration for what exists, what works, and what does not. While collecting transport data is an important first step in supporting digital transformation of African cities for better mobility services and access, one cannot deny that it comes at a cost. However, ways exist to lower costs and improve impact through open data, open-source tools and building “digital commons”. To facilitate data collection and sharing, Arcadis IBI Group, MobilityData, and Trufi have developed open-source tools. They will demonstrate their tools and share with you how to access them, but also discuss how to go beyond mapping to leverage the collected data and tools for improved services.


  • Denis Paz Jiménez, Business Development Manager, Trufi Association e.V.
  • Philip Cline, Transit Technology Analyst, Arcadis IBI Group
  • Ritesh Warade, Director, Arcadis IBI Group
  • Tu-Tho Thai, Director Partnerships & Events, MobilityData