Time zone: 9:00-12:00pm EET (GMT+2)

SLOCAT, sponsored by WRI and others are hosting a Transport Day at the Multi-Level Action Pavilion. The program will include a call to action around cycling, walking and public transport solutions, including e-buses, a spotlight on Africa, how to prioritize needs and opportunities, and discussion of what it will take to bring investment to scale. The event will also launch a paper as part of SUM4All, Unlocking Public Transport’s Potential to Deliver on Climate and Sustainable Development: 6 Strategic Areas of Action to Address. WRI is co-chair with World Bank of SUM4All working group that led development of the paper.


  • Felipe Ramírez, Global Director, Urban Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Location in Blue Zone:

Location of Multi-Level Action Pavilion in COP27 Blue Zone

Cover Image by: Flickr/CDKNetwork