Join the Alliance for Electric School Buses and WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative for a webinar on electric school bus business models.

The electrification of school buses presents districts with the opportunity to assess business model options for their student transportation: which roles and responsibilities districts take on directly, which they outsource and how they approach the total costs. Historically, United States school bus business models have been relatively static, with 60% of school districts directly owning and operating (including leasing) fleets and 40% of districts contracting with private operators. But things are changing. Electrification has opened up a range of new approaches and there are federal resources available for the transition. Districts can consider how to leverage this funding and how to select the business model that is the best fit for them and their community.

In this webinar, we’ll cover definitions of key electric school bus roles, a framework to understand the many business models emerging today and a set of core questions to guide school district discussions on this topic. We’ll hear directly from districts that have selected different models to better understand the various approaches. Bring your questions!