Climate action in the Amazon biome entails businesses taking the lead in endorsing new economic options for the region. Options that support legal enforcement, zero deforestation and a just transition. The New Economy of the Amazon – Brazil (NEA-BR) is a WRI Brasil and NCE project that promotes bioeconomy as a major factor in the just transition of the region to a low carbon economy.

In the event we will explore how the business sector can lead this transition and what risks and opportunities must be mapped early on. Bioeconomy has the potential to improve quality of people’s life and create green jobs that would leverage the region’s natural wealth and human development. For more information, please access this publication: Bioeconomy for the Amazon: Concepts, Limits and Trends for a Proper Definition of the Tropical Forest Biome.


  • Carolina Genin, WRI Brasil
  • Marina Grossi, President of CEBDS
  • Malu Paiva, Executive Vice-President at Vale
  • Joanna Martins, CEO and COO of Manioca
  • Jeanette Lontra, President of ABDE
  • Caroline Rocha, WRI Brasil (Moderation)


Cover image by: Filipe Resmini/Unsplash