Deforestation is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, while standing and new forests are an even larger sink for carbon dioxide. But where in the world are these forest carbon dioxide emissions and sequestration (removals) occurring? Global Forest Watch (GFW) provides maps of global carbon fluxes in forests, letting users visualize and quantify historical carbon dioxide emissions and sequestration in areas such as countries, provinces, corporate land holdings, and protected areas.

Join this webinar on Thursday, October 13 to learn about GFW’s global maps of emissions and sequestration by forests. There will be a demo on how to access and analyze the carbon emissions and sequestration data.

You will also hear from two other organizations which have used GFW’s carbon emissions and sequestration data: the Amazon Conservation Association (Matt Finer) and Mars (Florence Landsberg). There will be time for questions for the panelists at the end of the webinar.