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Over 3 billion people around the world face the effects of land degradation: declining crop yields, poor water quality, and worsening soil erosion. To remedy this, governments have committed to restoring millions of hectares of land under the global Bonn Challenge and regional movements like AFR100 and Initiative 20x20.

Public sector leaders are thus designing policies to scale up this restoration and support local livelihoods. But roadblocks often prevent them from reaching these goals: complicated paperwork may deter people from participating, or the programs might lose funding and be unable to continue. Despite these challenges, there is no effective process for policy leaders to share the lessons they have learned. Neither are there systems to de-risk policy innovation and encourage new ways to overcome these difficulties. 

To fill this gap, World Resources Institute is holding a three-part Policy Dialogs series. In tandem with the 2021 Restoration Policy Accelerator program, it will bring together experts from around the world to discuss bottlenecks and successful case studies in restoration policymaking. This first dialog will focus on effective strategies to break policy barriers, including regulation around land tenure and payments for ecosystem services. Join representatives from Africa, Latin America, and India as they share their experiences and discuss how countries can forge a strong path under the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.


  • Sean Dewitt, Director, Global Restoration Initiative, WRI
  • Walter Vergara, Initiative 20x20 Coordinator and Senior Fellow, WRI
  • David Kaimowitz, Forest and Farm Facility Manager, FAO
  • Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Department Head and Professor of Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Tangu Isabel Tumeo, Principal Forestry Officer, IUCN
  • Ramón Silva Flores, Deputy Chief, CONAFOR, Mexico
  • Ruchika Singh, Director, Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration, WRI India
  • Aidee Olmos, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Mexico & LAM, HSBC
  • René Zamora Cristales, Senior Associate, Initiative 20x20, WRI
  • Maggie Gonzalez, Research Analyst, Initiative 20x20, WRI