The UN’s first-ever Food Systems Summit presents an unparalleled opportunity to transform how the world produces, distributes and consumes food in ways that are better for people and the planet. The food system’s impact is further than just our plates, though – and changes will impact climate security, livelihoods, political stability, development and much more.

Join WRI on July 22 for a deep dive into what this moment means for the global food system, what success looks like, and some of the game changing ideas our experts are excited about to help the world achieve a sustainable and equitable food future. The webinar will open with brief remarks from speakers and offer time for Q&A at the end.


  • Rebecca Carter, Deputy Director, Climate Resilience Practice, WRI
  • Ed Davey, International Engagement Director, Food and Land Use Coalition and Co-Director, WRI UK
  • Liz Goodwin, Senior Fellow and Director, Food Loss and Waste, WRI
  • Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio, Senior Adaptation and Resilience Advisor, Climate Resilience Practice, WRI
  • Kristian Teleki, Global Director, Ocean, WRI
  • Edwina Hughes, Head of Cool Food (moderator)