The recent Finance in Common Summit brought together for the first time all public development banks around the world. These 450+ institutions, the majority of which operate at national level, account for a staggering 10% of total annual global investments, public and private. They jointly committed to support the transformation of the global economy and societies towards sustainable and resilient development. They form a unique and hopeful coalition that wants to do much more.

Join us for a concrete and forward-looking discussion between Manish Bapna (WRI) and Rémy Rioux (AFD), on the unique role of development banks in reorienting global finance towards climate and SDGs and for building back better. The conversation will discuss how such institutions, rooted in their respective economic and social fabrics, are building bridges between governments and the private sector, domestic and international agendas, global liquidity and microeconomic solutions, and between short-term and longer-term priorities. Exploring the next steps of the Finance in Common journey, they will discuss Africa and other geographies and engage with current debates in countries (such as the USA) that are envisaging new national development finance entities.


Rémy Rioux, CEO of Agence Française de Développement, Chairperson of the International Development Finance Club (IDFC)

Dr. Frannie Léautier, Partner, CEO, SouthBridge Investment

Manish Bapna, Acting President & CEO, World Resources Institute

Following the discussion, the participants will take questions from the audience.

This event is organized in partnership with the Finance in Common Summit