The "Water, Peace and Security partnership", in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organizes the 11th meeting of the series "The Hague Roundtable on Climate and Security".

"Earth Day 2021", on Thursday April 22, represents an opportunity to challenge world leaders to act more decisively on climate change for what it truly is: a pressing global security threat to everyone, particularly the most vulnerable people and places. Increased cooperation is especially urgent in hotspot regions where water scarcity and climate impacts risk destabilizing communities or entire countries. Climate security issues play out through the water cycle, as water access and quality are further deteriorating in many of these areas.

The panelists and participants of this meeting will assess the political momentum and opportunity of forming a transatlantic coalition focused on addressing the security dimension in the climate adaptation action agenda, specifically on the impacts of water-intensive projects in regions of risk – with an examination of the potential geopolitical impacts and priorities of the new U.S. Government Administration and the EU.

Keynote speaker

  • Carola van Rijnsoever, Director, Inclusive Green Growth, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Henk Ovink, Netherlands Special Envoy for International Water Affairs


  • Benedetta Berti, Head of Policy Planning, NATO Office of the Secretary General
  • Sharon Burke, Senior Advisor, International Security Program, New America
  • Tom Middendorp, Chair, International Military Council on Climate and Security
  • Hinrich Thoelken, Climate Envoy, Germany Federal Foreign Office