This webinar will serve to present all the work and tools created by the Clothing Reuse Market Makers project. We will use the webinar to communicate how companies can use the tools and resources to make the transition to reuse business models in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Additionally, Clothing Reuse Market Makers has spurred more work on the circular economy and will provide a space to discuss that work.

The event will look at four areas:

  1. Social just transition to reuse
  2. Environmental breakeven for business models
  3. Policy landscape for scaling reuse business models
  4. Consumer demand for reuse business models

All of these, when done in coordination, help break down barriers to transition to a reuse business model.


  • Eliot Metzger, Director Of Sustainable Business & Innovation, WRI's Center For Sustainable Business
  • Deborah Drew, Social Impact Lead, WRI's Center For Sustainable Business
  • Priyal Shah, Project Associate – Climate, WRI India
  • Sam Gillick-Daniels, Senior Analyst, Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
  • Nicole Bassett, Co-Founder, The Renewal Workshop


Clothing Reuse Market Makers Poster