To both feed the world and solve climate change, the world needs to produce 50% more food in 2050 compared to 2010 while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds. While government funding has an important role to play, a new World Bank report expands on findings from the World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future, which show vast agricultural subsidies are currently doing little to achieve these goals but have great potential for reform.

This webinar will explore the report and two key questions:

  • What is needed and where are agricultural subsidies currently going?
  • How to put agricultural subsidies to better use?

Webinar participants will hear a deep dive into the findings and have the opportunity to ask questions directly of experts on this topic.


  • Tim Searchinger, Senior Fellow, WRI; Research Scholar, Princeton University
  • David Baldock, Senior Fellow, Institute for European Environmental Policy
  • Ann Tutwiler, Senior Fellow, Meridian Institute; Senior Advisor, SYSTEMIQ
  • Jillian Holzer, Communications Manager, Food Program, WRI (moderator)