This forum is an invitation for businesses to collaborate, an opportunity to address questions, and a place to learn more about the project.

Currently, businesses have access to robust information on physical water risk through resources such as the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas — but there is no similar resource to assess the conditions around public water management. This project seeks to fill in this information gap, to allow businesses to better screen for water management conditions in their operations and in their supply chains.

Project partners are crowdsourcing responses from industrial water users in the U.S. and Mexico to develop this database. This geospatial dataset on water management will be used to improve business responses to shared water challenges and to improve public policy, aiming to reduce water risks for all users.


  • Colin Strong, WRI
  • Tien Shiao, Pacific Institute
  • Julian Kölobel, University of Zurich
  • Additional speakers from contributing companies

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