India is moving rapidly toward cleaner transportation with the growth in electric mobility. The Indian government has introduced suitable policy frameworks to promote electric vehicles, with significant R&D efforts in developing EV components and sub-systems considering local tropical conditions. However, talk has revolved mostly around procurement of new electric fleets. What happens to the many existing internal combustion engine vehicles?

This is where the important topic of retrofitting electric vehicles comes in. The government has allowed conversion of old vehicles into hybrid electric vehicles through retrofitting to curb rising vehicular pollution.

In this webinar, Nakul Kukar, co-founder and CEO of Cell Propulsion, and Shalendra Gupta, co-founder and CFO of Altigreen Propulsion Labs, will shed light on key elements of this topic that will be of interest to various groups, including policymakers, OEMs and EV component manufacturers.

Areas of discussion will include:

  • Status and future of the retrofitted electric vehicle market in India
  • Technical and economic viability of electric vehicle retrofitting in India
  • Potential and challenges in retrofitting 2W/3W/4W buses and freight
  • Policy, regulation and safety issues related to electric vehicle retrofitting


  • Nakul Kuka, CEO and Co-founder, Cell Propulsion
  • Shalendra Gupta, CFO and Co-founder, Altigreen Propulsion Labs