While the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Climate Agreement have been adopted under distinct global processes, national governments now face the challenge of advancing both agendas in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

This event will foster a discussion between representatives from national governments, the UN and the civil society on the challenges and opportunities of an integrated approach to the SDGs and the NDCs.

It will be introduced by a presentation of the highlights from a forthcoming WRI-GIZ working paper “Connecting the Dots: Elements for a Joined-Up Implementation of 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement”. Building on the experience from 13 countries and the European Union, this paper identifies policy options to develop integrated approaches to both agendas through policy planning, and budgeting and monitoring processes, and explore implications for global governance and international development. Two complementary tools to assess NDC-SDG linkages will also be showcased: SDG-NDC linkage database of WRI Climate Watch and NDC-SDG Connections Tool jointly developed by DIE and SEI.

Hashtags: #NDC, #SDGs, #NDCPartnership

Opening Remarks

  • Ingrid Gabriela Hoven, Director-General, Global issues - sector policies and programmes, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Paula Caballero, Global Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute (WRI)


  • Paula Caballero, Global Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute (WRI)


  • Mathilde Bouyé, Associate, WRI: presentation the findings of the forthcoming WRI-GIZ report on a joined-up implementation of the NDCs and SDGs.
  • Hannah Janetschek, Researcher, DIEand Johannes Friedrich, Senior Associate, WRI: presentation of NDC-SDG Connections Tool & Climate Watch NDC-SDG database.

High-level panel

  • Ms. Ingrid Gabriela Hoven, Director-General, Global issues, sector policies and programmes, BMZ Germany
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Arredondo, ‎Director General for Climate Change Policies, Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
  • Dr. Nur Masripatin, DG Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia
  • Dr. Wilberforce Kisamba-Mugerwa, Executive Chairman, National Planning Authority, Uganda
  • Ms. Imme Scholz, Deputy Director, German Development Institute (DIE), Germany