Please join WRI for the launch of the Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer, the first-ever public interactive online tool analyzing current and future river-flood risks across the planet. For the first time, WRI evaluates population affected, GDP at risk, and urban damage from river floods for every river basin and country in the world.

New data from the Flood Analyzer reveals that river floods could threaten exponentially more people and cause billions of dollars of damage to cities around the world by 2030. WRI also ranks countries facing the greatest flood damages around the world by population, GDP, and urban damage.

Lead tool designer Tianyi Luo, research analyst with WRI’s Water Program, will demonstrate the tool live. Representatives from the Netherlands government, industry and development will explain why flood risks matter internationally and how this tool can help mitigate those risks. Leading flood-risk modelers from Dutch firm Deltares will briefly overview the methodology behind the Analyzer. A Q&A period will follow.