Encouraging Design Practices for Sustainable Mobility in Indian Townships: A Guidebook, is WRI India’s publication that highlights the role of urban design interventions that can be applied in townships or gated communities in cities, that promote the use of sustainable modes such as walking, cycling and public transit. Recognizing the sprawling patterns of development being witnessed in most major metropolitan cities, the guidebook proposes strategies to promote mixed land uses that provide easy access to daily necessities through clean, safe and secure environments and set targets for reducing carbon emissions generated from motorised vehicle use. The practices proposed in the guidebook are based on the premise that effective site design can enhance the attractiveness, convenience and safety of sustainable mobility modes, while maintaining the efficiency of travel by other modes.

WRI India, over 3 years, engaged with several developers and communities to bring about a set of recommendations that can be applied at various stages of a township development process leading to sustainable design. It is envisioned that this guidebook will serve as a useful reference for the real estate developer-builder community, as well as local authorities, to value, encourage and facilitate the incorporation of sustainable mobility design practices into such large urban developments.