2022 was a year of disruption. The ongoing effects of COVID, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, inflation, climate impacts and more led to major upheaval in people’s lives.

Yet there were also major developments in policy and actions by governments, businesses and institutions that could help turn the tide. World leaders are prioritizing action on nature and climate and multilateral meetings led to new breakthroughs. These silver linings bring hope that out of the many crises, a new and better approach could emerge.

Will we see more progress toward more sustainable and equitable development in 2023? 

At this pivotal moment, Ani Dasgupta shared into the big stories in 2023, including what actions governments, businesses, institutions and people must take to get the world on the right path.

Watch the presentation from Ani Dasgupta and view the accompanying slides.

View in other languages: Español, Portugués, Français. For more insights, view the Live Q&A with WRI Experts that followed the event.

CORRECTION, 1/26/23: After Stories to Watch was recorded, we discovered three factual inaccuracies. Russian natural gas supplies 40% of the E.U.’s gas supply, not its overall energy supply. Due to an update in the underlying report’s methodology, 17% — not 18% — of the Amazon has been deforested. And American families who take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy incentives could get up to $10,000 in tax rebates and credits — not $10,000 annually. We regret the errors. 

This podcast – with Ani Dasgupta interviewed by Nicholas Walton – looks at the background of the Stories to Watch for 2023, and the big changes in the world that have informed them. Listen here for more details and the full transcript.