On March 24, 2021 Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO of WRI, joined the European Investment Bank and the European Commission for a live, virtual event, Investing in Climate Action. The event convened together twenty-six world leaders and policy experts who to speak on how, both in the EU and globally, investing in climate mitigation and resilience will support the COVID-19 recovery and lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

Andrew delivered remarks focusing on the renewed sense of moral purpose and determination from global leaders to act on climate. Andrew highlighted the remarkable intellectual revolution that has occurred in the past five years, built upon two crucial elements. First, a rejection of the old trade-off economics built from the New Climate Economy Commission which has shown that bold climate action can yield a gain of $26 trillion for the world economy by 2050. Second, a recognition that the changes needed are so great that incremental change won’t get us there, that we need systems change.

Watch Andrew’s full remarks in the video above.