Stories from the Living Lab

The latest Stories report for 2015-2016 showcases some of the innovative sustainability solutions that WRI has been working on in the areas of recycling contamination, plant-based diets, and internal carbon pricing. Our aim with this report is to share the all-important details: the research and case studies that informed our decisions, the problems we encountered during implementation and preliminary evaluations.

Most Recent Publication

Historical Reports

In 2020, the Sustainability Initiative decided to shift to dual reporting streams.

  1. Instead of publishing our emissions inventory in a report, we now make our data and methodology going back to 2010 available via an online dashboard that users can explore and interact with.
  2. As the implementation details behind our projects were becoming an important focus of our annual reports, we now publish them separately from our emissions inventory in dedicated Stories reports.

Our historical Sustainability Reports, going back to 2002, are available below. The last report to include our emissions inventory is the 2015-2016 report.

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