Vivek Venkataramani is a Senior Manager in the Climate Resilience Practice (CRP) program at WRI India and oversees multiple projects related to climate resilience and finance, climate budgeting, resource mobilization for state level climate action.

Vivek comes with around 12 years of research experience on topics such as mainstreaming climate resilience with development, building capacities of sub-national and national governments, facilitating state’s access finance, climate budget tagging and public finance management. His research has focused predominantly on climate proofing programmes in the domains of water, social protection (especially rural livelihoods), agriculture and urban development. Vivek has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative evaluations and liaising with national and sub-national policymakers and development banks. Has been involved in designing strategic delivery of research to various stakeholders both at domestic and international forums and business development.

Prior to joining WRI India, Vivek was a part- and full-time consultant for organisations like the World Bank and IIED (UK).

He holds an M.Sc in Economics and currently resides in Chennai. Vivek is an animal welfare advocator, pickleball player, music lover and a whistling record holder.