Srikant is a Senior Project Manager at World Resources Institute where he oversees both the Internal Communications and Information Technology teams at the organization. His responsibilities encompass the enhancement and upkeep of WRI's intranet, facilitation of the ongoing implementation of the internal communications strategy, and the provision of support for institutional IT endeavors through project management and advanced cloud-based software and integration tools.

Before joining WRI, Srikant held a position at Accenture, where he contributed to their Knowledge Management program, undertaking projects centered around WordPress. With a tenure spanning 6 years, he demonstrated his fervor for agile methodologies by actively participating in numerous agile projects.

Residing in Mumbai with his spouse, Srikant maintains an active lifestyle, engaging in activities like marathons, cycling, and various other sports. Beyond his athletic pursuits, he nurtures a passion for exploration, evidenced by his dedication to travel and avid interest in trekking.