Saurabh Gupta is WRI’s General Counsel. In this role, Saurabh oversees WRI’s global legal function, serving as a trusted legal advisor to WRI’s global executive team and programs and country offices around the world. Saurabh also works closely with WRI’s Board of Directors, serving as Secretary to the Board, as well as with the Audit and Risk Management Committee. 

Saurabh is a distinguished legal professional with nearly 20 years of experience. Most recently, Gupta served as Chief Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer at Arabella Advisors, where he shaped the legal and compliance team’s strategic direction, ensuring robust compliance measures are in place to empower the firm's nonprofit clients to make a meaningful impact. 

With a keen focus on problem-solving and a dedication to fostering a "getting to yes" approach within a compliance framework, Saurabh brings a unique blend of creativity and legal acumen to his role. Saurabh's expertise spans diverse areas such as corporate governance, employment law, risk assessment, audits, litigation, contracts administration, insurance policies, and compliance with political and lobbying regulations. 

Prior to Arabella Advisors, Saurabh honed his legal skills over 13 years in public education and public-sector labor organizations. He served as the deputy general counsel for the Massachusetts Teachers Association, staff counsel for the Maryland State Education Association, and assistant attorney general for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). Saurabh has a proven track record of providing strategic legal counsel on corporate governance matters, drafting legal opinions, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and representing clients before various legal bodies. 

Saurabh is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, hiking, exploring new cuisines, and cheering for Cleveland's professional sports teams.