Rudi Setia is a Research Analyst on Land Use Governance for the WRI Indonesia program in South Sumatra. He will be responsible to provide technical and operational aspects in implementing and managing WRI’s key initiatives/portfolios in the priority provinces and their districts. He will combine policy analysis, livelihood assessment and geospatial technical works, which include field data collection and analysis, database management and report development, to formulate a recommendation on improved land-use governance in the focused area. He will also provide capacity building and technical assistance for local governments, forest management units, civil societies, and/or community groups to promote sustainable forest and land use management. He has experience as a GIS analyst responsible for the implementation One Map Initiative program for almost three years.

Prior to joining WRI, Rudi worked at a private consulting company, which does plan and environment. Which mainly focused is compiling RTRW documents, RDTR documents, making maps and conducting surveys in several provinces and districts of the working area.

Rudi graduated from University Computer Indonesia, majoring in urban and regional planning in 2015. In his spare time, Rudi likes listening to music, watching movies, cooking, and travelling.