Mora Dingin was born in Botung, Nagari Koto Nopan, Pasaman Regency, West Sumatra, April 11 1985. The first child of 7 siblings. He completed his undergraduate education at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Andalas University, graduating in 2010. Then he continued his Masters in Sociology at the same Faculty and University and graduated in 2013.

He is experienced in working for 18 years in social, legal strengthening, development, community empowerment, and environment as well as natural resource management, disaster risk reduction, climate change mitigation adaptation, and conflict resolution. He has experience as a trainer, facilitator, and resource person in various activities related to issues of community strengthening and empowerment, natural resource management, environment, conflict resolution, and law. He has carried out various assessment activities, research, and encouraged resolution of conflicts over natural resources and land as well as written scientific papers (book; Research with State Forests) and articles in various local and national media.

He has participated in various seminars, workshops, and training activities, such as the Mediator training in 2018 held by IICT whose certificate was issued by the Supreme Court.

Has held several strategic positions in organizations and workplaces. He has the skills to communicate and socialize with people of various levels and different backgrounds. He easily adapts to new environments and cultures, learns new concepts quickly, works well under pressure and communicates ideas clearly and effectively.